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Diverse Learning Environments


Our infant class allows the children to get much needed play time with other children while also getting independent amounts of attention from there teacher. The toys are infant safe and continually get replace with new toys. The classes have baby beds for each of the children to get much needed sleep. 



In our Toddler class the kids get more complex toys and activities to enjoy from that of the infants class. The teachers have the children taking naps throughout the day and also work with them on there colors and toy functions. 


In our Preschool classes the children are starting to development skills involving music and basic math skills. They are becoming more fluent in there speaking and pronunciation of words along with working with other kids in outside activities.


In our Pre-K classes the children start to learn more involved skills needed to start school like following orders. Having a long recess within our playgrounds. They also start learning the alphabet and beginning the transition to kindergarten. 


After School

Our After School kids get to play outside on the playground and interact with the kids that are in the Pre-K class so that the transition into kindergarten is easier and they can ask the kids question about school and how it is. 

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