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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Our philosophy here at Precious in his Sight is that children need social interaction with grown-ups at a very young age in order to develop strong social skills. We do this by encouraging the children to ask questions and be curious about things. Curiosity drives imagination and helps develop passionate energy. 

Our Teachers work with our children from a young age by reading to them, playing games, and teaching valuable life lessons. While there isn't any test to pass or standards to meet, the main goal is that we create a playful learning experience here at Precious in his Sights

Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of the children is the most important piece to child care. We encourage the children to have fun and enjoy their time at Precious In His Sights Learning Center but also taking extra precautions to make sure they do not get hurt.


Our Facilities go through an extreme cleaning process at the end of everyday to make sure everything is sanitized for the next day. This helps keep sickness out of homes and out of the learning centers. This is just one example of how we keep things clean and operate in a healthy atmosphere.

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