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Fun & Creativity


The kids participate in multiple art activities such as on fathers day or mothers day. On these days they might create special art for there mom or dad. This goes for many other holidays and sometimes even on random occasions. We like giving the children a place to express there creativity. 


We have many interactive sound making devices within the facilities such as playset drums! The children listen to soothing music when they take a nap. While we don't teach music much they often here a melody while rocking the babies to sleep,  


Each of our learning centers are full of toys and continually get new ones throughout the year. There is always something for the kids to do while staying with us. There is certain to be plenty of movement!


Our teachers really enjoy the opportunity to teach these kids everything they can before school. With many playful learning activities they get to start them down the path of learning their ABC's and numbers. 


Before going into Kindergarten we try to start teaching our kids the basic math skills such as adding and subtracting. Mostly wanting them to have an understanding of the vocabulary once arriving.

Outside Play

Each of our facilities have there own play ground where the kids are able to run and play inside play houses, on monkey bars, and many different other interactives. Playing outside is very important to our schools values. 

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