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 Accepting Applications for Next Year



Most of our facilities have a waiting period so location placement may vary. 

When Emailing in an application be sure to put "Application" in the subject line of the email. 

For more information call


To contact the individual center call the number below

For Pleasant View


For Greenbrier


For Cedar Hill


Application for 6 weeks - 5 years old

If you do not want to print and fill out you can use an online pdf editor to fill out 

Application for School Age Kids

If you do not want to print and fill out you can use an online pdf editor to fill out.

Once your application has been completely filed out please submit it via email to with "Application" in the subject line. 

Get On The Waiting List 

After completing the Application download and fill out the waiting list and submit it to the email address for the location you wish for your child to go listed below. 

Once the waiting list is filled out please submit to one of the emails below representing the location you want your to child to attend. Put waiting List in the subject line.

Pleasant View

Cedar Hill

Thank You for considering Precious In His Sights Learning Center!!


  • Will my child take naps daily?
    Yes your child will have a designated nap time to get them the rest that they need.
  • Are the prices all the same for each location?
    The Price varies for each location due to the demand in child care. All of our facilities have a minimum price for childcare but if there is a waiting list the price could increase.
  • Do you accept part time or drop in care?
    No, due to demand we must fill full time roles only. Although you can how ever pay the full amount and bring your child less than 5 days a week.
  • Does each age group cost the same?
    The age groups vary as the children get older. As you can expect the younger the child is, the more they need.
  • What is the latest my child can be picked up?
    The latest your child can be picked up is 6 PM. Every minute beyond 6 PM is 1 dollar per minute paid in cash when you pick your kid up.
  • How do I sign my child in and out?
    You will register for an app that gives any authorized individual there own specific pin code to input into our system in order to sign in and sign out the child. This is a safety feature for the children.
  • Do you accept state vouchers?
    Yes, we accept state vouchers.
  • Do you serve meals to my child?
    We serve breakfast, 2 snacks, and a hot lunch everyday per the CACFP guidelines.
  • What type of certifications do your teachers have?
    Our teachers are CPR and first aid certified.
  • What do I need for the registration process?
    The registration process includes: - child shot records - Tour the facility - Application (filled out) - Registration fee - Read and sign the parent hand book
  • What ages of kids do you accept?
    We accept 6 weeks to 12 years.
  • How are often is money due?
    You can pay weekly, BI-weekly, or even monthly.
  • What is the latest time to drop off the children?
    The latest you can drop off your child is 8:30 AM.
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